UK News Media is a proactive newsgathering service based in the  North West of England in the UK.

We scour all major social media channels, we speak to anyone, in any place in any circumstances, looking for the weird, the wonderful and downright shocking news stories.

We have access to both print and broadcast journalists in all major media outlets. Stories researched and investigated by us have appeared as exclusives in national newspapers and broadcast on news channels including BBC News, Sky News, Sky Sports News and ITV.

We take a creative approach to newsgathering and will source stories by taking a detailed look at things that are happening nationally and locally that affect ordinary peoples’ lives.

We use the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to hold government departments and organisations and people in power to account. It was using this method that we discovered that there had been 100 cases of suspected child abuse allegations at the BBC post-Jimmy Savile, and that nearly 100 cops had been disciplined for sexual harassment, and many many more things besides.

We keep a close eye on the world of celebrity and reality stars by monitoring their social media accounts and other information from other sources. UK News Media has been behind stories concerning The Jeremy Kyle Show, Love Island and stars such as Gaz Beadle, Tiger Drew-Honey and George Sampson.

UK News Media has one simple aim: to find the news.